Stage 1

The first step in the design process is to evaluate and measure your property. Next we discuss your lifestyle requirements, your expectations for the space, and budgetary considerations.

Stage 2

To expedite the process we ask each client to fill out our Design/Build Questionnaire. Based on the information you provide, Christopher will begin to design a preliminary conceptual for your space. We will attempt to provide several ideas as ‘baseline’ concepts that can either be further elaborated or rearranged.

Stage 3

Next, based on feedback from the ‘baseline’, we can begin to really see your project take shape. It is at this stage when we are able to view photorealistic renditions of your proposed space. Christopher will walk you though the space electronically in a 3D environment at your home. The presentation will be easy to understand and allow you to visualize your new space. From this point we are able to discuss final touches to finalize the project for the build stage.

Stage 4

As a complete Design Build Firm, we then move your project into its construction phase. Our scaled 3D construction plans in conjunction with our experience, allow our process to be completed on budget and in a timely manner. Our vast network of partner contractors allows us to complete all facets of your project from plumbing, electrical, woodwork, lighting, etc. During the construction phase, Christopher maintains presence on site assisting in the build. You can also expect progress updates to keep you informed. You will enjoy knowing that your investment is receiving the highest standards of construction. Our communication system and build plans leave little room for error, and also leave you knowing exactly what to expect from the start. We deliver the maximum potential of your budget for your space… and a beautiful landscape guaranteed to last.


We create timeless designs using state of the art computer software. Our clients have continuously been inspired by our custom outdoor living designs. We take time to understand your needs and develop a unique approach to transform your space. Our design methods are easy to understand and allow you to evaluate the minor details that create a larger whole.

Based on your feedback, we are able to amend the design to your specifications. Our methods allow us to show you how different material pallets compliment one another pre-construction. Your plan will allow you to visualize the layout of the hardscaping, plantings, water features, wood structures, and even sun/shade environments.

Please take the time to flip through the images below to see some examples of our designs.